Cool Springs Blueberry Farm and Nursery
Cool Springs Blueberry Farm and Nursery
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Farm Rules


Farm & Field Rules
Cool Springs Blueberry Farm wishes to offer you top quality blueberries and service. In order to make this a pleasant and enjoyable experience, we ask that you note and Respect the following:
·      Please Check-in front office before entering the field.
·      Children must remain with an adult and be Supervised at all times.
·      Please stay clear of RED & YELLOW warning tape.
·      Health codes require NO Pets in the fields.
·      Thank you for NOT Smoking.
·      Please place Trash in proper receptacles. 
·      You may Sample some berries while you pick.
·      Please Pay for what you pick.
·      Please Don’t pick unripe berries.
Thank you for your visit, and we hope to see y’all again soon!

Thank you for your interest in fresh locally grown food.

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