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Cute Story!


Gainesville - Florida Family finds a whole new meaning to the “Summertime Blues” after stumbling upon a local blueberry farm filled with fun in its “family-like” atmosphere.

The Herbert’s and their family dog sought out to visit “Nana & Poppy “at their recently purchased home on Lake Lanier.  It would be their first visit to the new home and dad’s sense of direction needed a sense of improvement to say the least.

After a long and tiresome road trip, the Herbert’s, much like the modern day “Griswold’s” from the National Lampoon’s Vacation movies, had just about reached their destination, or so they thought, when a wrong turn took them 20 miles in the opposite direction of Nana & Poppy’s.

Somehow, the Herbert’s ended up on Smith Mill Road, a wrong turn indeed, or was it?

The Herbert’s pulled into a random driveway to turn around when they noticed a large sign titled “Cool Springs Blueberry Farm & Nursery.”  An attractive young woman began to approach the vehicle when their dog began barking at her.  Mortified and beyond frustrated with her husband’s horrendous sense of direction, Mrs. Herbert exited the vehicle apologizing to the woman.  With tears down her cheeks, she explained they were from Florida and were lost.

As it turned out, the woman was the co-owner of this family owned and operated farm specializing in “pick your own” blueberries.  “Her name was Kim and she was the kindest woman we had ever met.  It was as if she knew our 10 hour journey was “Griswold-like”; perhaps she looked at us and reflected upon her own “National Lampoon Vacations”, said a chuckling Mrs. Herbert.  

Kim invited the Herbert Family, dog and all, into the office where they then met her Husband, Mark.  Mark shared with the Herbert’s how he came to establish Cool Springs Blueberry Farm & Nursery within the recent years following a dream to farm his own fresh grown food and share it with family, friends, locals, and like the Herbert Family, visitors.  He then handed the Herbert’s 4 year old son a cowboy hat, bucket and told him to “go pick some blueberries for your Mama, little farmer.” 

While the “little farmer” picked his blueberries, Kim made the family homemade snow cones to cool off. 

“What a nice break from hours of being cooped-up in a packed car. It was hot, we were cranky and the smell of dog from the backseat had become unbearable.  The infamous phrase, “Are we there yet?”  Couldn’t be more appropriate.” said Mr. Herbert.

Just when the Herbert’s thought their “wrong turn” could not have ended up any better, Mark offered to take the 4 year old for a ride on his tractor!  Still wearing the cowboy hat provided, “little farmer” climbed up onto the tractor for his ride!  “We felt as though we were family at Cool Springs Blueberry Farm”, said Mrs. Herbert.

It was time to hit the road for the 20 mile final stretch when the Herbert’s asked, “What do we owe you?”  Mark & Kim replied, “Welcome to Georgia!  It’s on the house! Ya’ll come back now, ya’ hear!”

Mrs. Herbert gave Kim a big hug and thanked her for their generosity and compassion during the Herbert’s “Summertime Blues” road trip.  “It was a perfect ending to our dreadful drive and the best beginning to our summer vacation.” the Herbert’s commented with joy.

When asked what he wanted for supper, “Little Farmer” replied, “Blueberry Pie!”  

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